tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2011


So yesterday I had really busy day, had to go to school for 1 hour, bank, post, store, to see my parents. Alot stuff! Haven't really left my apartment much for like 3months or something and felt kinda nice actually to do something for a change. Then I came back to home at 20:00 and... FFFFFFFFF COMPUTER BROKEN.. Had to install everything all over again when I just did that like 1month ago.

So I installed everything back and noticed that my sounds aren't working, perfect. My comp is old as fuck so you can imagine how nice it is to try find drivers for this. Was hunting those drivers for like 2hours and then I got insane headache and went to sleep cause of that. Today I woke up, opened computer and found those drivers in like 5minutes. Now I'm downloading 6gb patch to WoW with 300kb / second speed!

Fucking hell, fuck my life :(

sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011


Weekend was kinda nice actually even tho I couldn't leave my apartment since I'm sick. But yesterday I drank anyways! Alone tho,  but its nice to drink alone sometimes and spam ventrilo and skype like a fuck :). Took some koskenkorva(finnish vodka) mixed into sprite and lemon juice and oh god that was good. So weekend went fast being semi drunk, playing games, poker(!), movies and so on!

In boredom I decided to start playing poker again and found out that RAY has opened their own net poker site. RAY is finnish company ran by Finland's government, which has monopoly on the slot machines. My 50euros turned into 130euros pretty fast since their poker site seems to be full of those 40 years old lottery players. Sadly the site is for finnish players only and there is no tables up 24/7 :(

Actually thinking about buying new computer and/or making trip to Estonia just after cheap booze. If I keep getting money like this and my poker grind goes well enough. But will see in 2-3weeks. Being unemployed sucks. Have to save for weeks(or months even) if I want to do something :(

If any of this blog's readers is interested about poker I can recommend this site to learn basics:
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perjantai 18. maaliskuuta 2011

New keyboard!

I got my new keyboard today, finally! Have played games this whole day to get used to this new keyboard, but that isn't really news since I usually spend my whole day at computer anyways. And now I have to write review since I promised in last post, even tho I'm terrible writer.  :(  But hey, practice makes perfect!

Keyboard was really cheap compared to other keyboards, it only cost me like 40euros when other gaming keyboards costs like 75e~ and I can't say that quality is any worse. Same features with less money.

Macro buttons are working really well, been messing around with these buttons alot. But only real use I have found to em is buying macros in games like counter strike and that I can go afk in world of warcraft when I get sucky bg's like AV and IOC, which shouldn't be possible but it is. Outside of games I have found them really useful, countless opportunities. Buttons are also lot easier to reach than I tough, making them easy to use even in middle of fight.

These other "extra buttons" is why felt love with this keyboard. Even tho its nothing big, pause/play, change track, sound controlling and calculator buttons. These helps me by lot! Since my computer sucks and it takes minutes to alt tab all the time, now I don't have to!

Its comfortable, feels nice and buttons are easy to find. Takes a bit time to learn those "extra buttons" tho.

It's really really cool! GLOWING RED!

Anti-ghosting shi what was in commercial (You can hit 26buttons at the same time), tested it and you really can do that. Don't know how useful this is but had to mention!

Hand rest sucks hard. Feels like having no hand rest at all since its so small, and worst of all is that you cant even remove it! Maybe its there just for looks.. Dno, but it really is worthless, just takes space.

Keyboard makes insane noise when typing, everyone complaining at vent, mumble and skype :P

Overall I'm really happy with this new keyboard. Definitely worth all the money I spend on it, and I can recommend it to everyone who can live without hand rest! :)

torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2011

Blogging starts!

So I decided to make this awesome blog of my life. I'm not starting it cause I'm interested about blogging in any way, I'm starting it just because I'm bored. There is gonna be random reviews, stuff about my life, games and so on. SO! This day is been so much fun. woke up clock 14:00 and noticed that I haven't eat anything for like 20hours so I decided to make food! But then I noticed that my fridge is empty. So here I am still starving . :(

I'm also waiting for my new keyboard to arrive! Bought it like 7days ago and it still hasn't arrived. My new keyboard will be Microsoft Sidewinder x4. Bought it even tho I'm not big fan of Microsoft products, since its only decent gaming keyboard that wont cost kidneys, I'll write some review about it to this blog when it arrives!

And to the end! I'm buying it because my old keyboard is.. well.. 1 picture > 1000 words
It looks bad I know! I hope that my new keyboard wont ever get to this condition. I really have no idea how you can get keyboard to look like this.. But its still working! I just want my computer table look a bit more.. ehh.. beatiful? :)